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Nerf Wars is the ultimate game for our younger players. Swap out the bows for Nerf blasters and head into the arena for an action-packed battle!

This easier game is perfect for ages 5 - 8, before they're able to play combat archery. 

No experience is required, with all training and equipment provided on the day. 

Nerf Wars Ottawa - Boy
Nerf Wars Ottawa - Birthday Party


You can make a Nerf battle into a birthday party, just like Archery Games!

After your game, your group can use a reserved party table to celebrate with food, drinks and cake.

Just check the ‘birthday party’ box when you book online.



What is included in the party?

When you book for a birthday, we will reserve the arena for 75 minutes.

Guests will arrive and then spend 15 minutes training, learning how to play and recieving all the equipment (Bow/Nerf Gun, Facemask & Armguard). The remaining 60 minutes in the arena will be spent playing a range of game modes and having fun! 

Then, if you have reserved a party table (optional $45 fee) you can relax here for 45 minutes and enjoy food & drinks from your favourite restaurant! All food & drink arrangements are made by the event organiser. Adult groups may bring their own alcohol (no bottles or glassware).

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, all Archery Games and Nerf Wars participants must sign our waiver before entering the arena. It's a quick form that you can either sign ahead of time on your phone or computer, or on our tablets when you arrive.

For a faster check in, we encourage all players to sign ahead of time.

You can sign the waiver online here. 

Can participants bring their own Nerf guns from home?

Yes, however they must be genuine Nerf brand guns that use the dart style ammunition.

We have plenty of ammunition for everyone, so please do not bring your own as it will not be possible to recover your darts after the game.

We reserve the right to remove any outside guns from play if they are deemed to be dangerous or causing a problem in the game.

Will my group have a private experience?

Your group will enjoy the entire arena to yourselves, along with a private training session and dedicated referee for your group only. Other customers may be in the facility during your party and the party table is in our shared lobby area, not a private room. 

Does an adult need to supervise the game?

While we do have an Archery Games referee inside the arena for all Nerf Wars games, we do suggest one or two adults from the party also join in to assist some of the children that need help.

This is not a requirement, but it will improve the experience for everyone involved as the referree won't need to stop the game if there is an issue with one of the players.

Is there an age restriction?

For Open Games, players must be aged 10 and up to join a game, or age 8+ for private games.

For Nerf Wars, players must be aged 5 - 8.

Do you provide party decorations or place settings?

We only provide the tables, but you're welcome to bring your own decorations and place settings! We do politely request no decorations that require pins or nails.

Do the Nerf darts hurt?

We use the Nerf dart style ammunition as it has been designed for the 6+ age range, and doesn't hit hard enough to cause any pain.

All participants are also provided with a full head helmet and mask, so there is no risk of injury to the eyes or face.

What if I'm late for my session?

All players should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their reserved game time. 

In the instance where safety training is missed, we may decide at our discretion whether any late arrivals may participate in game play. Please contact us and let us know if you or your group will be late and we will do our best to accommodate. However, arriving late will likely result in less game play time and a limited experience.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you have to cancel or are unable to make your booking, please contact us as soon as possible. We do not require payment at the time of booking but appreciate being informed of cancellations so we can open up the time slot to other players. Payment is optional at time of online booking or can be paid upon arrival at Archery Games. 

  • No charges if cancelled more than 1-week before your booking

  • 50% charge if cancelled within 1-week of your booking

  • 100% charge if cancelled within 24hrs of your booking

If the number of participants in my group changes after booking, do I need to inform Archery Games?

If you have booked a private event, then you do not need to inform us if your player count changes (unless you think there will be less than 10 players or more than 24 players on the day).

For public games (under 10 players), please let us know as soon as possible if you think there will be a change to your number of attendees. 



$450Inc. Tax


A totally private 75-minute experience for your group only.



Discounts may be available based on your group’s size.

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